Living Doors

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Pdf Comeca Group LIVING DOORS

The doors of the Living collection are designed to meet all tastes and needs. Thanks to the wide range of models, even the most demanding customer will be satisfied. Classic, modern or exquisite… Comeca doors are timeless!

The range of classic doors comes in different versions, such as antique solid wood doors and rusticated ones; or deep pantographated doors or slightly inlaid ones. You will easily find the model which best envisions the classic idea you want to infuse into the environment.

On the contrary, the modern line focuses on a fresher and lively view. Its clean and geometric lines and its light and distinctive colors are the best for those who want to give a contemporary vision at their home without sacrificing elegance.

The Filomuro line is instead designed for those who want to camouflage the door with the surrounding room, showing a continuous design at home.

Porta filomuro | Comeca Group

Filomuro doors can be made in many shapes. All requests for an “invisible” closing system will be flawlessly met.


Hotel Doors

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Pdf Comeca GroupHOTEL DOORS Catalogue

Comeca Group has always specialized in the manufacturing Hotel doors which combine the aesthetics of the door with cutting-edge technology needed by the particular environment in which it stands. By blending practicality with elegance, we create the right atmosphere without forgetting about the importance of security. Thanks to a dedicated and efficient team, we can also carry out projects tailored to your needs and preferences.

The line of Hotel doors have been created to meet the highest needs in terms of functionality and durability in environments such as hotels, conference rooms, restaurants etc…

The line of Hotel doors offered by Comeca Group includes fire-resistant doors up to 120 minutes, up-to-46 dB soundproof doors, doors for handicapped people, waterproof doors, swinging doors, and X-ray protection doors, all of these respecting the strictest rules of design and elegance.

All fire-resistant doors (REI) for Hotels are certified according to the strictest selection criteria prescribed by the UNI 9723 and EN 13501-2 2003 regulations which were introduced in Italy several years ago to adapt national standards to European ones. Fire-resistant doors by Comeca Group have also been certified by foreign institutions such as the WLF Warrington Fire Lapi Ltd (UK) or VKF / AEAI Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuervercicherungen / Association des Établissement Cantonaux d’Assurance Incendie (CH), in order to meet the needs of international customers.

Soundproof doors by Comeca Group were also approved by the Istituto Giordano authorized institution, therefore obtaining the certificates of conformity in full compliance with European standards “EN ISO 140-3” and “EN ISO 717-1.”

Moreover, Hotel doors by Comeca Group may also both REI and PHONAS features to create a unique product in terms of technology and design: the IGNIPHON doors, which resist to fire and reduce noise at the same time.


PCV Windows

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Pdf Comeca GroupPVC WINDOWS Catalogue

Comeca Group increased its already wide range of windows in 2010 by inserting PVC windows and French windows in its sales network. This new line was born thanks to the cooperation of Comeca with GEALAN, one of the leading German PVC profiles manufacturers.
PVC-windows by Comeca Group allow an optimal energy saving, thanks to the inner natural insulation features of PVC, which already guarantees an excellent thermal insulation. This ability is further enhanced by the multi-chamber profile structure that keeps the heat inside while leaving the noise outside.


Finestre PVC / PVC windows - Comeca Group

Sill detail of a Comeca Group PVC Window.

For all those who want to infuse a natural look to their own home without sacrificing the benefits of modern PVC windows, Comeca Group also offers a wide range of PVC windows coated with wood effect film. The windows of Comeca Group come with all the features of the modern PVC windows and the timeless decorative effect of the wood.

Thanks to the PVC windows by Comeca Group you will save money, your living comfort will be greatly enhanced and you will make a significant contribution to environmental protection. All at the same time.

Finestre PVC / PVC windows - Comeca Group

Filmed white cream PVC French window by Comeca Group.



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When choosing windows and shutters you have to consider issues that sometimes seem to overlap. You require safety, performance and functionality without compromising aesthetics, the economic aspect and environmental regulations. That is why Comeca Group proposes different types of windows to meet the multiple needs of the market.

Comeca Group windows combine the accurate craftsmanship and thorough knowledge of our experienced carpenters with the use of high-end, numerical-controlled machinery. Thanks to this successful mix, a new line of windows and French windows was created, in order to join the esthetic value with the deep attention to the raw materials and to a strong technicality which guarantees low thermal transmittance value, luminosity, noise reduction and safety of use.

Comeca Group windows can be either 100% made of wood or mix wood and aluminum. You can also combine shutters and venetian shutters in wood, aluminum and PVC, in addition to the standard roller shutters or motor-powered ones.

In the wide range of Comeca Group windows you can find classic windows or special lines, such as arch-shaped windows and sliding windows. Our windows can also include roller shutters at sight or concealed systems which dramatically reduce the air and noise filtering in from the outside.

Finestre in legno | Comeca Group

Wooden windows for private use and commercial activities.



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Pdf Comeca Group GLASS-ALUMINUM DOORS Catalogue

Thanks to the Comeca Group technology, a new collection is born, where sliding doors and traditional doors become authentic and innovative furniture solutions. The EXE line of glass-aluminum doors and wood-aluminum doors express all the transparencies and decoration of the glass, the cozy finishes of the wood and the silvered aluminum profiles, so that the settings in which they are places will be utterly beautified. Trust us: you will be astonished.

Glass-aluminum and wood-aluminum doors from the EXE line are innovative architectural solutions which come in countless finishes and colors and transform your house and office in unique, contemporary spaces.

Glass-aluminum and wood-aluminum doors from the EXE line can be made with the classic opening, but its beauty is expressed at its most with sliding doors. Sliding doors from the EXE line can be concealing, sliding outside the wall and with rails on the upper side of the door.

Sliding glass-aluminum and wood-aluminum are born as an innovative esthetic solution to meet the needs in those spaces where light and a unique touch are crucial. Moreover, the modern essential line of the door frames give the space in which they are placed a minimalist and refined look.

Porta vetro alluminio - Comeca Group

Sliding door with satinized silver profile and satinized green glass.



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Pdf Comeca Group SECURITY DOORS Catalogue

Being able to protect your own home is a fundamental need. That is why Comeca Group has realized the Sekurline line of security doors, which solve any possible safety requirement.

Experience, technical know-how and highly advanced technological supports allow Comeca Group to manufacture top-quality products for both large-scale supplies and individual works. The vast choice of coatings finishes and colors, suitable for both exterior and interior applications, offer maximum potentiality of use.

Today more than ever it is essential to protect your home in an effective and lasting way. That is why Sekurline security doors by Comeca Group come with “UNI ENV 1627/30” burglar-proof certificates by Istituto Giordano.

Our range of security doors covers Classes of Burglar Resistance ranging from Class 2 to Class 4. This shows how committed is Comeca Group to producing solutions which offer the best quality and protection.

Comeca Group also produces a type of fire-rated security doors in accordance with “UNI 9723″ standards. These doors resist for 30-60 or 90 minutes at the high temperatures of naked flames and come with sound insulation which have a soundproofing performance of 36-40-42 dB, depending on the elements and construction details of the doors. These products fully comply with the “EN ISO 140-3” and “EN ISO 717-1” European regulations and conformity certificates.

All Comeca Group security doors can also be equipped with different accessories. You can choose from many types of locks, from the standard one to the electronically motorized ones. You can combine special glasses, such shatterproof and bulletproof glasses or even special models with transom and/or sidelight.

Comeca Group security doors are designed and manufactured to perfectly fit the context of your home!


Portoni blindati e boiserie

Ercole security door with woodwork.



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Pdf Comeca Group COMMUNITY DOORS Catalogue

Comeca Group community doors are designed with a high technical and technological level. They have been created to meet the most demanding needs in terms of functionality and duration in working environments such as hospitals, schools, company cafeterias, etc. These community doors have many strong points, such as top quality, strength, wear-resistance, maximum functionality and easy maintenance.

Comeca Group community doors reach an excellent level of performance. This result has been achieved through high quality materials like laminates, aluminum and steel which guarantee the maximum resistance, even in the most difficult conditions.

In the wide range of community doors you can find fireproof doors, soundproof doors, doors for disabled, swinging doors, X-ray protection doors, doors for damp environments and particular-shape doors.

Moreover, Comeca Group community doors are provided with certificates that ensure their functionality. We certify our fire-resistant and soundproofing doors in the most important Italian and international centers such as Istituto Giordano, the WLF Lapi Warrington Fire Ltd (UK) and the VKF / AEAI (CH).

porte complanari


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Pdf Comeca Group FLUSH DOORS Catalogue

The last EXE line of high design Made in Italy was launched by Comeca Group in 2014. It focuses on the concept of flush doors, for all those who aim for an even more minimalist environment. The main feature of flush doors is the perfect continuity between mountings and panel, a detail that eliminates the contrast between the door and the wall and gives the door a simple but smart design.

According to the type of frame and needs of the customer, flush doors may offer the sense of coplanarity on the inner or outer wall of the room.

Flush doors designed by Comeca Group show off new laminate finishes or new special inlays that redefine the concept of classic style in a clear modern key.

The line of flush doors goes even further by introducing Blindo Arredo, a type of security door characterized by the continuity between the levels. Thanks to the different solutions presented by Comeca Group, the Blindo Arredo collection solves all those problems of aesthetics and practicality which are so common at home.

Porte complanri / Flush doors - Comeca Group

Blindo Arredo flush security door collection mod. Nicchia. This is a special space-saving solution